Farming Practices
The Bartolucci family began farming sustainably in the late 1980s, and we had our first vineyard certified organic in early 1993. Since that time we have worked diligently to incorporate the things that we have learned organically into a sustainable farming method.

Our focus is on creating a fertile, balanced soil, recognizing it as one of the most fragile of living entities, and we strive to make each of our vineyards an extension of its natural surroundings.  Under ideal circumstances, we utilize a polyculture method, seeking to copy the pattern of nature with each part contributing to the whole, creating a balance.

Attention to detail is essential to the success of this system. Our goals are to improve quality, preserve and better the environment. We accomplish this by employing a strategy that looks past our children’s interests and focuses on the third generation that follows, ensuring that our vineyard properties are passed down in better condition than when they were received.